International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)

Hon life President; Prof. & Dr. CHANG Ung, IOC Member (DPR Korea)

                              Nominated by the founder Gen. Choi Hong Hi

IOC profile:

Mr Chang Ung with IOC President Dr. Rogge

President; Master Prof. Ri Yong Son (DPR Korea)

Senior Vice President; Senior Grand Master, Prof. Hwang Ho Yong (DPR Korea)

Vice Presidents; Grand Master LEONG Wai Meng (Oceania)

                           Grand Master Adolfo Villanueva (America)

                           Master Mario Bogdanov (Europe)

                           Judge Annali Basson (South Africa)

Secretary General; Prof. Kim Sung Hwan (DPR Korea)

Director of Finance & Administration; Mr. Kim Hyong Rak (DPR Korea)

Contact Address;

Address: Draugasse 3, 1210 Vienna, AUSTRIA


Tel:  +43 1 2928467

Fax:  +43 1 2925509


President: Prof. RI Yong Son



Secretary General: Prof. KIM Sung Hwan



Director of Finance & Administration: Mr. KIM Hyong Rak



Secretary: Ms. Melanie Steinbrugger


About the founder Gen. Choi Hong Hi:

The last words of General Choi Hong Hi:

Legal Status ITF

- ITF has been registered to the Austrian Police in 1986, renewed in Jan. 2003, renewed in Sep.2004, renewed on 30th May 2007, renewed on 23rd Feb. 2009 and renewed 30th Nov. 2009

pursuant to the law of Austria.

International Taekwon-Do Federaion I.T.F.

- ITF was recognized as the International Sports Organization by the Austrian Sports Federation

and printed on the “Year Book” of Sports for 2004/2005 and for 2005/2006 as the sole

International Sports Organization of which Secretariat has been located in Vienna, Austria (see

page 292 on “Year Book” for 2004/2005).

- ITF has been registered to the Finance Ministry of Austria as Non-Profit-Civilian Organization in

Nov. 2004.

- ITF has become a Signatory Federation to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in July 2010.


127 member countries confirmed at the 20th ITF Congress held in Minsk, Belarus on Aug. 24 2010.

Continental Federations

- Asian Taekwon-Do Federation (The Headquarters is in DPR Korea)

- European ITF Taekwon-Do Federation (The Headquarters is in South Wales, UK)

- Oceanic Taekwon-Do Federation (The Headquarters is in Australia)

- Pan American Taekwon-Do Federation (The Headquarters is in Puerto Rico)

- Taekwon-Do Federation of Africa (The Headquarters is in South Africa)


- April 11, 1955 -“Taekwon-Do” founded by Gen. Choi Hong Hi

- March 22, 1966 - ITF inaugurated in Seoul, South Korea

- January 1972 - ITF Headquarters moved to Toronto, Canada

- 1985 - ITF Headquarters moved to Vienna, Austria

- June 15, 2002 - Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the Founder of Taekwon-Do and Builder & 1st President of ITF,                 

                            passed away.

- September 22, 2002 - Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung, IOC Member, elected as the ITF President

- October 13, 2009 - Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung reelected as the ITF President

Europe ITF Taekwon-Do Federation - EITF

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